PFE Technology


  • Automated video systems 
  • Video archive system
  • Post-production services
  • Satellite feed ingest
  • Web streaming
  • LED ads animation
  • LED servicing
  • TV graphics package


  • Static HTML5 Websites
  • WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • One page Websites
  • Custom Websites & Web Apps
  • Web Hosting & Administration
  • Server Farms & Administration


  • Web css
  • Logo Design & Corporate Design
  • Billboards & Citylights
  • Print Design
  • Tickets & Accreditations
  • Other Print Design


Video services

Automated video system

This system offers live ingest of matches from satellite feed and instant creation of web proxy files. This enables creation of near-live video content, simply through a web interface. Client can browse/play through specific moments of video, mark it's selection, and request delivery to email or social media accounts. System also enables to add animated bumpers with adjustable texts or other parameters, which enables better branding, sponsorship or personalization. Besides creation of near live clips system is also used to distribute highlights to media partners and store all matches in broadcast quality for archive needs.

Video Archive system

We keep your digital video archive. Video files in source format or digitised from tape are kept on our servers. We enable clients to browse through web proxy files and request delivery of video material in it's full quality. If advanced metadata exists we will connect this with video and enable search through metadata.


Creation of highlights, video animations, news access clips or other video content by client's requests. We use Adobe Creative Cloud software to edit videos.

Satellite feed ingest

In our satellite downlink centre we can ingest, distribute and archive your video. We can decode all signals in PAL standard from satellites with footprint over central Slovenia. We use Ericsson decoders and satellite dishes of 2.4m diameter.

Web streaming

We can decode satellite signal and transcode it to web stream. We offer streaming to Youtube, Facebook or any other major system, including own CDN with 'white label' video player. You can simply embed this one to your web page on play the video.

LED ads animation

We create LED animations. Being a complete animation, editing from scratch, or just adopting existing animation to different dimensions and formats. Years of our experience and knowledge of industry standards will make sure your product will receive excellent visibility.

LED servicing

We service LED advertising through series of events. Our client only needs to give us contact lists, together with list of responsibilities and rights, we take care that all sides are delivering what is agreed. We have day to day contact with sponsors, their agencies, clubs, organisers of events and LED display administrators, making sure everybody has all information needed and follows agreed standards. 

TV graphics package

We create TV graphics package as per client's requests, considering their corporate design and latest TV industry standards. 'Replay wipe', line graphics, full screen graphics, intro video or short jingles are part of basic package.

Web services

Static HTML5 Websites

We offer creation of simple static HTML5 website, that doesn't need any regular changes. Website comes without cms, everything is hard-coded.

WordPress Websites

Wodpress is a content management system, that runs more than 30% of world websites. We can set up your page, being a simple presentation page of your company or bigger news portal. Wordpress offers simple editing and upgrade options.

WordPress Theme Development

We can create a custom WordPress theme, one that will fit you corporate design. We also modify administration interface, in order to keep it clean and simple for you to use. 

Custom Websites & Web Apps

We create a web application for your needs, where you can have a complete control. Programming from simple web pages to more complex web video applications, web stores, news portals, fantasy games etc.

Web Hosting & Administration

We offer reliable web hosting for you web site, your emails or simple FTP storage.

Server Farms & Administration

For more complex system, where nature of business brings very specific usage of websites or web applications, we analyse and offer advances server hosting. We can offer server farms very quickly, and due to study of project specifics we can offer it at very competitive prices.


Web css

We give your website or web store a redesign, something that visitors will remember. We can use your existing content and dress it into responsive design with modern look and suitable for all devices.

Logo Design & Corporate Design

We create a unique logotype, a symbol of your company. Logo will reflect all basic rules of corporate design, and you will receive it in different versions (vector PDF, jpg, png...)

We also create complete corporate design package. Selection of basic elements, that will for a proper feel and look of you company. Package will include logotype, stamps, business card, basic elements for website and Facebook page as well some other key elements.

Billboards & Citylights

We prepare everything for print to Billboards or other types of city advertisement in large formats. Client gives us their requests, we will combine corporate design, standards of events, use latest technologies available and enable your print company to simply press ctrl+p.

Print Design

We offer design for following print outs:

  • stamps,
  • business cards,
  • business folders,
  • letter templates,
  • envelopes,
  • flyers,
  • catalogues,
  • flags,
  • car stickers,
  • boxes;

Tickets & Accreditations

We do print preparation for tickets and accreditations for various (sports) events.