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ABA League web page is one of our most complicated and therefore biggest projects. Web page offers ABA League fans and its participants all official information about the league. It includes a news section, comprehensive historical stats for all seasons, offers live play by play/stats information for all matches and also serves as media platform for still images. All this not just for first division, but also second division championship, junior competitions, Supercup and any qualification tournaments. 

Web page is build on our own back-end with PHP/MySQL/JS, uses responsive design and also includes DINO mode - personal option for users to see web page on mobile devices in same way as on desktop. Web editors manage all content via dedicated CMS and can also send newsletters to subscribed members, manage team rosters and edit any stats information. Statistical data is automatically gathered and processed from arena site via our custom build API. Due to it's specific needs we also deployed and actively administer server farm to manage big amount of traffic in short peaks.


Aba Liga j.t.d


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